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How does one apply for a position of anew usher?

What Rick Flynn said! Good luck!

Do you accept play submissions

If by play submissions, you mean your written plays, then I suspect a negative answer. However, always worth communicating directly with the theater for a more specific answer. If no, then they might help guide you to someone that would love to review your work. Good luck

Phantom of the Opera

Yes, i believe you are correct.

What if the date of an event is changed sn d.c you can no longer attend?

Good morning! Please contact the Dayton Live Ticket Office at 937-228-3630, Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. for assistance.

How do you become a volunteer for the Schuster center

Go to

so, i’m 18, and bert oreos her is having a show there. will i be allowed to go

Yes you will unless there is a special age restriction

How to become an usher for daytime events

Good morning! Our ushers are all volunteers. You can find out more at

When will you have the Rike’s Christmas displays in the lobby?

Good afternoon! The displays will be open to the public on November 29, 2019. You can see the schedule and details at Thank you!

Does the Schuster. Center have a concession stand

They have several drink and snack carts and a small restaurant open during certain shows.

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